• All Prices Are Per Kg. Unless Otherwise Stated

Free Range English Pork

Per kg
10 Spare Rib Pork Chops
20 Loin Pork Chops
5 Bone Hand and Spring of Pork 4-6kg
Barrel of Pork 25-35kg
Bone In Leg of Pork 7-10kg
Bone In Loin of Pork 10-12kg
Boned & Rolled Leg of Pork 5-8kg
Boned & Rolled Neck end of Pork 3-5kg
Boned & Rolled Shoulder of Pork 5-8kg
Boned Barrel of Pork 20kg
Boneless & Skinless Loin of Pork 4-5kg
Boneless Belly of Pork 2-3kg
Boneless Loin of Pork 7-9kg
French Trim Rack of Pork Loin 2-4kg
Hand of Pork 2-3kg
Neck end of Pork 4-6kg
Shoulder of Pork Bone In 8-11kg
Suckling Pigs (60cm) 8-10kg
Thick end Belly Pork 2-3kg
Whole Belly of Pork 3-4kg

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