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2-6Kg Porchetta Pork Loin & Belly Seasoned With Black Pepper

Fennel,Basil,Majoram,Rosemary,Sea Salt,Garlic And Onion
Stuffed With Sicilian Pork Forcemeat (Or One Of Your Choice}
Finely Scored And Rubbed With Sea Salt Remove From The Fridge And Bring To Room
Preheat The Oven To 220C, Dry The Skin,Place The Pork On A Rack Overa Roasting Tray And
Roast For 30 Minutes Until The Fat Starts To Run ,Turn The Oven Down To 150C And Roast For
A Further 3Hours.Test For Done-ness With A Long Skewer (The Juices Should Run Clear) Then
Rest For 15-30 Minutes Before Carving

2-4Kg Lamb Long Boat (Boneless Saddle) Stuffed & Rolled

Rosemary & Garlic Glaze And A Mint Lamb Forcemeat Bring The Lamb To Room Temprature
Preheat The Oven To 180C Season With Oil Salt And Pepper Sear In A Hot Pan Until The Meat Is
Browned.Transfer Joint Onto A Roasting Tray On A Bed Of Sliced Onuon And Crushed Garlic
Pour In A Large Glass Of White Wine And Roast For 12 Minutes Per 500G Check Internal
Temprature 58/60C For Medium Rare 65C For Medium Rest For 2O Minutes Before Carving

4-6Kg 4Week Aged Scotch Topside

In Our Cold Store With Its Himlayan Salt Wall Giving Enhanced Flavour And Tenderness
Remove Beef From The Fridge And Bring To Room Temprature Chop Some Shallots Carrots
And A Couple Of Garlic Cloves After Searing Your Joint Place In The Roasting Tray Cover
With Some Beef Dripping Cook At 180C For 25 Minutes Per 500G Baste Occasionaly Test With A
Long Skewer For Doneness A Wortwhile Investment Is A Temprature Probe From Amazon


Christmas Hamper

3Kg Turkey Breast In Roastng Bag 1Kg Approx Tray Of Pigs In Blankets 1Kg Approx Tray Of
Pork And Sage Stuffing Balls 1Kg Apricot And Chestnut Christmas Angels
Hamper Approx. Weight 6Kgs.

£8.99 Per Kg