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Wild Game & Game Birds

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Duck,Goose & Game Birds

Fresh Female Duck Breast per kg
Goose Breast per kg
Chicken Liver per kg
Duck Liver per kg
Whole Corn Fed Chickens per kg
Corn Fed Chicken Supremes per kg
Whole Guinea Fowls per kg
Guinea Fowl Supremes per kg
Fresh Male Duck Breast per kg
Frozen Female Duck Breast per kg
Fresh Male Duck Breast per kg
Quail each
Poussins each
Wild Partridge brace
Wild Mallard brace
Wild Pheasant brace
8 Pheasant Legs
8 Pheasant Breasts

Fresh Wild Game

Wild Boar Saddle
Wild Boar Haunch
Venison Shoulder Diced
Venison Shoulder Boneless
Venison Saddle Bone In
Venison Mince min 1kg
Venison Haunch Boneless
Venison Haunch Bone In
Diced Goat Leg Boneless
Diced Goat Shoulder Bone In
Whole Goat Shoulder
Whole Goat Leg

Ben Rigbys Quality Fresh and Frozen Game

Venison Loin Steaks
Venison Haunch Steaks
Diced Venison
Wild Boar Loin Steaks
Wild Boar Leg Steaks
Wild Boar Diced

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