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Exotic Meat

To Order – Prices on application

Bison Steak 250gm
Bison Steaks 250gm x 2
Buffalo Steak 250gm
Buffalo Steak 250gm x 2
Camel Steaks 250gm
Crocodile Tails 250gm
Crocodile Tails 250gm x 2
Elk Steak 250gm
Elk Steak 250gm x 2
Kangaroo Steaks 250gm
Kangaroo Steaks 250gm x 2
Llama Steaks 250gm
Llama Steaks 250gm x 2
Ostrich Steak 250gm
Ostrich Steak 250gm x 2
Python Fillets 250gm
Python Fillets 250gm x 2
Wild Boar Steak 250gm
Wild Boar Steak 250gm x 2
Zebra Steak 250gm
Zebra Steak 250gm x 2