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Sausage Menu

The Farm Assured

All flavours can be made in farm assured, free range or extra meaty

Chilli and Garlic Pork
Chilli and Lime Pork
Cumberland Pork
Desire Pork Slightly Peppery
Hickory BBQ Pork
Hog Roast Pork,Apple, Cracked Pepper & Onion
Honey and Mustard Pork
Honey Roast Pork
Irish Pork with Spring Onion
Lincolnshire Pork
Olde English Pork with rubbed Sage
Pork and Apple
Pork and Chestnut
Pork and Chives
Pork and Cracked Black Pepper
Pork and Leek
Pork and Tomato
Pork and Whole Grain Mustard
Pork, Sage and Onion
Santa Pork with Chestnut, Apricot & Chives
Stilton andAsparagus
Three Kings with Cranberry, Chestnut & Chives
Welsh Dragon - Spicy Pork& Leek

Assured Pork Sausages

per kg
per 3kg

Made from quality Pork Shoulder with a minimum 75% meat content.

Free Range Pork Sausages

per kg
per 3kg

Made from Prime Shoulder Cuts only, minimum 80% meat content

Gluten Free Pork Sausages

3kg (min order)
Pork and Apple
Pork and Chive
Pork and Leek
Traditional Pork

Beef Sausages

3kg (min order)
Beef and Tomato Sausage
Beef and Chilli Sausage
Beef and Cracked Black Pepper
Beef and Mushroom Sausage
Beef and Horseradish Sausage
Beef and Mustard Sausage
Beef and Garlic Sausage
Beef Onion and Tomato Sausage
Beef and Leek Sausage
Lorne Square Sausage

Chicken and Turkey Sausages

Chicken Country herb andApricot
Chicken, Chestnut and Chive
Chicken and Whole Grain Mustard
Chicken and Leek
Chicken and Smoked Bacon
Honey and Thyme Chicken Sausage
Hot and Spicy Chicken Sausage
Gourmet Stilton &Asparagus Chicken
Gluten Free Chicken Sausages
Turkey, Sage and Onion
Turkey herb and Apricot
Turkey, Chestnut and Chive
Turkey and Wholegrain Mustard
Turkey and Leek
Turkey and Smokey Bacon
Honey and Thyme Turkey Sausage
Hot and Spicy Turkey Sausage
Gourmet Stilton & Asparagus Turkey Sausage
Gluten Free Turkey Sausage

Game Sausages

2.5kg (min order)
Pheasant, Duck and Apricot
Venison Wild Mushroom and Cranberry
Game Mix with RedWine and Rosemary
Wild Boar andApple

Lamb Sausages

3kg (min order)
Lamb and Chilli Sausage
Lamb and Coriander Sausage
Lamb and Garlic Sausage
Lamb and Rosemary Sausage
Lamb and Apricot Sausage
Lamb, Garlic and Rosemary Sausage
Lamb, Lemon & Coriander Sausage
Spicy Mint & Ginger Lamb
Traditional Lamb Sausage
Lamb and Chive Sausage
Lamb and Country Herb Sausage
Lamb and Leek Sausage
Lamb and Tomato Sausage
Lamb, Basil & Garlic Sausage
Lamb Garlic & Mint Sausage
Lamb, Lemon& Fennel Sausage
Ginger, Spring Onion Lamb Sausage
Boerwors 3kg
Chorizo 3kg
Toulouse 3kg